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 Dr. Remick is currently a full-time Assistant Professor at Western University College of Optometry in Pomona, California. Dr. Remick is an optometrist that had been practiced Behavioral Optometry and provided Visual Therapy for patients of all ages for 25 years. Dr. Remick specialized in treatment for visually-related learning difficulties, post-traumatic vision syndrome, visually-related processing disorders, as well as visual enhancement programs for speed reading for students, and sports vision for athletes.  

Dr. Remick is a frequent presenter and lecturer to Optometric Conferences, Educational conferences for educators, parents, psychologists, and educational, physical and occupational therapists. She has presented to rehabilitation centers and optometric conferences on “Vision and the Post Traumatic Brain Injured Patient” and presented “Vision and Meaningful Movement” at the National Optometric Conference in 2006.

Dr. Remick has served as a Clinical Instructor of Optometric Interns for the Southern California College of Optometry at the Vision Perception Clinic located on-site at the San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall. She has also served as a Staff Optometrist at Folsom Prison where she also saw that deficient visual processing skills were rampant and continue to go undetected in the correctional system. Dr. Remick has served as the vision specialist for the Big Springs Dyslexia School and she has served as a Regional Director for Opening Eyes Program for Special Olympics in Northern California.

Dr. Remick was presented with the Knight-Henry Memorial Award for Excellence in Visual Development Research and she has received the California Young Optometrist of the Year Award.



Eyes On Track ™ offers solutions to understanding “near visual skills” which are a vital missing link to successful learning. Parents, educators, and home school teachers discover the importance of identifying visual learning problems in the classroom.

This book (PDF file) includes observation checklists and 60 pages of fun purposeful eye games to improve students’ EYE TRACKING and VISUAL PERCEPTION skills.



This book is wonderful! Eyes On Track ™ unlocks the mystery of how children learn and why some children struggle. It provides parents and professionals with techniques and activities to help students develop crucial vision skills. This is a “how to” book for successful learning.
Marjie Thompson
Founder; Parents Active for Vision Education (P.A.V.E.)

As a teacher, I have seen tremendous results in my students from improved vision skills; it is exciting to have Eyes On Track ™ ” activities to use in my classroom.
Alan Johnson, 3rd Grade Teacher


Once my son developed improved eye tracking and vision perception skills, he performed so much better in school and his self-esteem improved dramatically. He is a different person now; it changed his world!
Diane Sandoval, Parent

I have long awaited a book like Eyes On Track ™ that school professionals as well as parents can use to understand the nature of near vision problems and their effect on learning. This book goes even further in that it provides therapeutic techniques to be used in the classroom.
Wayne Padover, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools

I recommend this book for all professionals and parents working with children who are academically-challenged. This book offers interventions for students who have their own style of learning.

Tamar Wishnatzky, Ed.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Educator

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