Eyes On Track ™
A Missing Link To Successful Learning
(Currently available only online in downloadable PDF format)

Eyes On Track ™ is a fun and easy-to-read book that is perfect for a V.T. doctor’s reception room.

ISBN 0-9662530-2-7
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What the book is about:

Eyes On Track ™ offers solutions to understanding “near visual skills” which are a vital missing link to successful learning. Parents, educators, and home school teachers discover the importance of identifying visual learning problems in the classroom.

This book (PDF file) includes observation checklists and 60 pages of fun purposeful eye games to improve students’ EYE TRACKING and VISUAL PERCEPTION skills.


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In addition to the book, we also sell the METONE metronome (Sold Separately). This metronome  enhances the student’s visual skills by adding the elements of rhythm and time.
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